Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

We will customize a lawn maintenance schedule for your site based on turf growth rate and climate conditions. Our experienced crew employs the most efficient, state of the art, commercial grade equipment to ensure quality results, dependability, & safety. We meet with our clients each year to discuss individual needs and customize a service plan. We can customize fertilization programs for your property to ensure that you have a healthy lawn that you can enjoy all season.

Garden Maintenance

In addition to seasonal lawn maintenance programs, we offer garden maintenance programs to keep your gardens looking beautiful. We can expand existing gardens, install new gardens & raised beds, and amend the soil. We have the equipment Power edge, cut, rake, & clean along turf/grass planting beds. Flower bed edging helps protect plants and flowers from the encroaching grass. Edging contains the mulch and prevents it from washing away, it protects flowers and shrubs from damage caused by mowers and weed trimmers. Creating defined line in gardens and planting areas.